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Imagine Your Success





Imagine what it would be like to be as productive as you already know you should be?

Imagine being able to sleep well at night knowing that your listing and closings are being handled by a trained professional?

Imagine waking up every morning knowing you can concentrate on getting a new listing, new contract or BOTH because all of your marketing and closing needs are already being handled behind the scenes?

Imagine having a team to work on your behalf and their job is to make YOU look good?

Imagine not having to worry about hiring an in-house assistant and paying all the expenses that come along with it?

Imagine taking your business to the next level, then the next level and then the next.......

Just allow yourself to imagine

Our firm offers professional assistance while providing the highest degree of professional service. We specialize Contract To Close Coordination for both Traditional transactions as well as REO Closings. We are dedicated to developing relationships with our clients and providing exceptional service. We put you in control, first by listening and then by working with you to design unique solutions that help you and your company literally 'buy time' and have the freedom to concentrate on closing more transactions and increase your listings.

What is a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

Simply put, a Real Estate Virtual Assistant (REVA) is a qualified, professional Real Estate Assistant with an entrepreneurial mindset that works from a virtual platform. REVA's come with all levels of experience and specialties. Logan Real Estate Support specializes in Transaction Coordination for both traditional and REO closings.

Logan Real Estate Support provides many services that are designed to meet your individual needs. We ensure that all contract to closing transactions are monitored daily, all documents are received, all contingencies met and all communications are effectively completed. You no longer have to lose sleep wondering if your transaction is being handled correctly and with true commitment.


REO Properties have become a very specialized market that many agents have developed as their niche. Logan Real Estate Support has extensive experience in this market and can not only get your REO properties closed but we ensure that your banks notice that your team is efficient and will close the assignments you receive from them. This makes you an asset to the banks you represent and in turn encourages them to issue you more assignments.




Confidentiality Policy


In addition to trade secrets, LRES may become aware of confidential information pertaining to one or more of Agent’s clients, including but not limited to information regarding title, lenders, and mortgage. Divulging this information to others outside of Client could cause incalculable damage to either party and/or their clients. LRES agrees not to divulge any confidential information acquired while working on contract or listing for Client. LRES will not orally or otherwise disclose even the name of such clients to any third party for any reason without express written authorization from Client. At the request of Client, LRES shall return any confidential materials made available within five (5) business days. The terms of this paragraph shall survive the termination of any Agreement.